Gaming and Social Distancing – Vicky’s personal favourites to pass the time

gaming social distancing

Guest Article by Victoria

Sometimes, we all have to step out of your comfort zone – and this blog has to, too. As computer games provide similar worlds to escape to as books do, especially in times like this, I thought to feature them here would be a good idea. So, thanks to my friend Vicky who unlike me knows her way around many fantastic worlds on the screen, for taking the time and writing a guest post about gaming in times of social distancing. I hope you enjoy this slightly different turn. Rebekka

Who would have thought? Only a few weeks ago, who would have thought, that we would be spending the beginning of spring indoors, not allowed to see any friends, in fear of a new virus that threatens the weakest in our society? But as it is, people all around the globe have had to find ways to entertain themselves in this time of crisis. And what better way is there to pass the time than playing a few videogames? Gamers everywhere – me included – are racking up the hours, rediscovering old favourites and finding new flames. But anyone can enjoy videogames, so dust off the old computer or PlayStation and give it a try! And if you need a little inspiration, here are my current and all-time favourites.