Gaming and Social Distancing – Vicky’s personal favourites to pass the time

gaming social distancing

Guest Article by Victoria

Sometimes, we all have to step out of your comfort zone – and this blog has to, too. As computer games provide similar worlds to escape to as books do, especially in times like this, I thought to feature them here would be a good idea. So, thanks to my friend Vicky who unlike me knows her way around many fantastic worlds on the screen, for taking the time and writing a guest post about gaming in times of social distancing. I hope you enjoy this slightly different turn. Rebekka

Who would have thought? Only a few weeks ago, who would have thought, that we would be spending the beginning of spring indoors, not allowed to see any friends, in fear of a new virus that threatens the weakest in our society? But as it is, people all around the globe have had to find ways to entertain themselves in this time of crisis. And what better way is there to pass the time than playing a few videogames? Gamers everywhere – me included – are racking up the hours, rediscovering old favourites and finding new flames. But anyone can enjoy videogames, so dust off the old computer or PlayStation and give it a try! And if you need a little inspiration, here are my current and all-time favourites.

5. Oxygen Not Included

This charming but challenging 2D game by Klei leaves you in control of a group of Duplicates trying to survive the hardships of being stranded inside an asteroid. True to its title, oxygen is a rare resource and – along with a number of other issues – becomes an ever-looming threat the player needs to avert. Sporting one of the adorable art styles Klei is famous for, coordinating and managing has never been so fun!

4. Don’t Starve

Also made by Klei, Don’t Starve takes on a similar approach as ONI. The player is placed in an often hostile world (this time in a pseudo 3D style) and while foraging for food and shelter has to avoid a variety of monsters – both shadow kind and corporeal.

3. Stardew Valley

A few years ago, Stardew Valley took the gaming community by storm. Reminding many of Harvest Moon, the innocent country-life RPG has hours and hours of gameplay to offer. The player inherits their grandfather’s old farm in the quaint village of Stardew Valley and to escape the monotone city begins a new life as a farmer. Discovering secrets and making friends, it’s easy to immerse yourself in this amazing game and forget the harsh reality of self-isolation for just a little while.

2. Subnautica

My favourite PC game of all time, Subnautica spent years in early access and has a loyal community of players who were addicted from the very start. In this underwater survival game – that has the most beautiful graphics and a surprising number of horror features that are not for the faint of heart – the player is stranded on an alien planet and often encounters dangerous wildlife on his journey to uncover the hidden secrets of planet 4546B. If this setting isn’t enough to intrigue you, the amazing and unique creature designs, twisting story (there may even be a little similarity to our current situation here on earth) and tons of lore definitely will!

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

gaming social distancing

This AAA game by Rockstar was one of the most anticipated PS4 games of 2018, is the prequel to Red Dead Redemption (2010) and has to be my favourite among all platforms. The story begins in 1899 and depicts the last years of the Wild West. Protagonist and outlaw Arthur Morgan struggles to come to terms with civilisation taking a hold of America while gangs are still at war with each other. The enormous and absolutely gorgeous map allows for hours of exploring and countless side missions. If there was ever a game made for killing time in quarantine, with more than 40 hours of story, it is this one. What could be better than spending weeks on end roaming the West on your horse, shooting up the odd rival camp and deciding whether to be a good guy or the guy to shoot first and ask questions later?

Ninth House

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